I Conci s.r.l.
Via D. Albertario 30
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ALL THE PRODUCTS in our range can be customised to meet our customers’ specific requirements with regard to colour and shape. The entire PROCESS OF CREATING a Collection by I Conci is carried out by the Company, in-house, together with qualified signature architects such as Stefano Bizzarri. Furthermore, successful collaboration with renowned designers including Luca Scachetti and Carlo Martino has brought I Conci prestigious international recognition for several of its products.

THE PROCESSING WORK extends from quarrying the solid stone to cutting it into thin, large-sized slabs, from enhancing a particular natural texture to treating a surface so that it has the feel of a smooth river-worn pebble.
Our WIDESPREAD NETWORK of retailers operates throughout Italy as well much of Europe where expansion continues and extends to intercontinental areas.


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