Durstone Porcelanico SL
CV 20, Av. Mediterraneo, 52 
www.durstone.com 0034 964626134
durstone@durstone.es 0034 964626135

Durstone is a well-known brand name and reference point in the competitive international ceramic tile sector.

Right from the very outset, its goal was clear: to become the top-ranking supplier of rectified through-body porcelain tiles, known for its high standard of quality and design.

In a market saturated with products but with a low level of specialization at the time, Durstone made a strong impact thanks to its business philosophy. The company is different from all the rest, and that made Durstone special right from the very beginning.

Durstone’s product development strategy is based on trends analysis, quality testing and the identification of technological innovations in porcelain tile manufacturing as a means of offering the market a range of carefully selected collections able to meet the highest technical and aesthetic requirements.

This work is not only done at a porcelain tile manufacturing level. It goes hand in hand with all the necessary effort and investment into equipment, facilities and, needless to say, marketing and promotional tools. Durstone’s catalogues, sample boards and display units, with their innovative tile presentations and emphasis on the products’ visual appeal, are one of the company’s hallmarks.

Through effort and dedication, Durstone has managed to introduce its brand name to the Spanish and international market and it continues to work with the same enthusiasm and determination as the day that it was first founded.


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