Parco Gessi 
13037  SERAVALLE SESIA VERCELLI,  ITALIE 0039 0163454111 0039 0163459273

Italian Design, Defined. For personal and personalized spaces of glamour and wellness.

Gessi has revolutionized a market dominated by long-established brands through the invention of a new standard for taps and plumbing fixtures and a marketing model that has earned the respect and appreciation of the international community.

Today, Gessi stands out as an undisputedly original and innovative market leader for the cutting edge design of its products and the originality of its commu...nication campaigns and initiatives.

Forward thinking vision and unconventionality are the distinctive features of Gessi’s creativity and business approach and underpin its success story.

A late entrant into the market, Gessi has rapidly climbed up the national ranks in the business and now leads the Italian taps industry in terms of turnover and innovation.

Uncompromising, invariably provocative and forward thinking are the key qualities of Gessi’s designs reinterpreting the class that has always made the difference of Italian products worldwide. Gessi’s commitment to accuracy in design is not an end in itself. Its products are ambitiously intended to create a lifestyle and improve people’s wellbeing. Making life more pleasant and enjoyable is part of the company’s mission.Lees verder

Superbrand of Italy Prize for special prestige; Red Dod Design Award

Rubinetteria per bagno e cucina, ceramica, elementi di arredo per il bagno, tessile profumazioni artistiche di ambiente e accessori persona per il bagno e la casa.

Bathroom and kitchen tap-ware, ceramics, furnishings for the bathroom, textiles, art home perfumery and personal bathroom and home accessories.

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