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MOMA DESIGN, emerging brand in the bathroom furniture world, is one of the rare cases in which the manufacturing company directly deals with the retailers, offering a wide range of products for the bathroom.                           

MOMA DESIGN works only with Corian® sheets to realize bath tubs, wash basins, shower trays and showerheads. Being Corian® Quality Network for DuPont, quality and assistance is 100% guaranteed. MOMA DESIGN has selected Corian® because it is the nicest material, with the best properties to be placed in a bathroom, for these two reasons Corian® is also strongly recommended and well known from all the interior designers.

MOMA DESIGN has a wide and unlimited range of Corian® bath tubs, basins, shower trays and showerheads. MOMA DESIGN produces modular wood furniture, mirrors and shower cubicles in all sizes and dimensions. Thanks to its internal designers staff, MOMA DESIGN  can customize the ideas following your inquiries, exactly as a furnishing tailor. Excellent quality, perfect service, brand image uniqueness are the main advantages of MOMA DESIGN, to design an extraordinary relax ambient in your house.

MOMA DESIGN works only with the finest materials, combining with creativity and quality its Teak wood boards with its Corian® shower trays, or using 10 mm tempered shower panels and glazed stainless steel to design minimal shower cubicles. MOMA DESIGN furniture is made in real wengé or ebony wood and its Corian® showerheads are the biggest in the world. MOMA DESIGN technology departement combined the Corian® showerhead with its exclusive technology to realize the only showerhead in  the world with hundred of points of coloured light in optical fibers, as in a starry sky.

MOMA DESIGN news are presented only from qualified staff, in order to offer the best assistance for the technical details and for the sells.
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