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Since the dawn of time, the depths of the earth have harboured wondrous treasures: minerals of luminous beauty that enchant us with their mysterious patterns and vast array of colours. As a child I often imagined how much more attractive our cities would look if we were to use these treasures instead of the barren, grey wasteland of steel, glass and concrete. Of course, mining engineer that I am, I know that real minerals are in no way an appropriate construction material for various reasons: besides the prohibitive price of turquoise, opal, nephrite and other precious minerals, sadly the most beautiful stones are not weather resistant and, being highly absorbent, are unsuitable for outdoor use. What’s more, panels of solid natural stone are so thick and heavy that cladding of large areas is only possible – if at all – with the aid of expensive anchoring systems..........

-       Is a young German company
-       Produces the high quality porcelain tiles in Germany
-       Offers extraordinary large formats up to 1200 x 2400 mm
-       Uses the latest technology for the full body porcelain tiles and digital printing with impressive designs.

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