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Since 1993, Arlex has given prestige to the bathroom, thanks to its precious collections resulting from its wide experience and continuous research. Arlexitalia is much more than a brand because each product is the result of intensive research, innovative technology, new finishings, brightness, and well-targeted chromatic applications. 
All of these characteristics help create a unique sensation of a friendly, intimate and comfortable atmosphere. 
The continuous quest for new materials and updated architectural solutions together with the careful quality control of each detail are the main pillars of Arlexitalia's manufacturing policy. These are the key factors that have always determined perpetual improvement of each product and at the same time helped us achieve the goal of delivering each customer his or her ''perfect product''. 

International designers collaborate with Arlexitalia, creating unique masterpieces. 

The continuous attempts by our competitors to copy our products, are a confirmation and recognition of the value of our efforts. That is the reason why we are so proud of being copied and imitated by many companies in the bathroom furniture industry. 

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about design and trends. Being classified under one of these categories is for us prove of our innate design philosophy. 
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