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About Sadus

Many hidden treasures can be found in the interior of Bali. One of them is Sadus Cement Tiles, a company specialized in the production of plain and decorated hand made Cement Tiles.

Sadus Cement Tiles, located in Sidemen at the foot of Gunung Agung, was established in 2006 by Wayan Suriada. Through trail and error he rediscovered the original technique to produce cement tiles.

Apart from plain tiles Sadus also produces exact replicas of original ones or made–to-order designs. The tiles made by Sadus stand out for one more element. Additionally they developed a colour-scheme of 54 colours, ranging from pure white to stark black and from bright red to luscious yellow.

Sadus Cement Tiles come in different sizes: 10 x 10, 15 x 15, 20 x 20 and 30 x 30. The production process for plain tiles takes about 4 weeks. In one day they can make only a certain amount of tiles. The production of a decorated tile requires much more time, this because the mould is filled with different colors piece by piece and this is a precise and labor-intensive job.

As all Sadus cement tiles are handmade minor deviations in color and motive are inevitable. From experience it can be said though that this only adds to the character and vitality of the final result.

Sadus cement Tiles create an attractive interior and are extremely durable. Therefore Sadus Cement Tiles are the perfect final touch to any office, hotel or home, whether classic or modern, old or new.

Fair trade

If you’re like us, you sometimes have second thoughts as you buy handmade products for yourself or to put in your shop.  You know where this product was made. But do you know who made it? Do you know what their working conditions are like? The answer in most cases is no. But with Sadus tiles, you know that when you buy our tiles you make someone else’s life better.

Sadus tiles operates under the principles of Fair trade, and follows guidelines as set out by WFTO.
 We pay our artistians a fair salary, there are no children employed by Sadus tiles and the artistians have a health insurance.

Sadus tiles is situated in a poor region in a small village in Bali. So we could offer jobs in the community here. This ensures that all can meet family and spiritual needs within their homes and community, a very important part of Balinese culture. Instead all the young people move to the city or tourists centre in the south of Bali.  Where life for them is expensive and they will live outside their social community.

We run our business “green” and fair. Our cement tiles are made with natural products using locally sourced raw materials. We believe in producing sustainable long lasting tiles of the best quality possible.

We don’t need to fire our cement tiles; instead they are hardened by water so they need a low energy production system and are ecologically friendly.  This water is collected and then cleaned; the water flows true various water reservoirs with the last water reservoir having a water plant cleaning the water before we give it back or reuse it.
We are proud to support  15 valued artistians, when you buy Sadus tiles, you can be sure that you made a difference.

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