Keramika Modus
Radnička 3
47220  VOJNIC,  KROATIE 00385 38516595951 00385 38547883045

About the Company

Based on tradition and rich clay sites, Keramika Modus was founded in the sixties of the past century in Vojnić.

Specialized in the production of ceramic tiles, the company Keramika Modus is the only Croatian producer of tiles, but also one of the biggest regional producers, with a yearly capacity of 10 million square meters.

As part of the Samoborka group, we have been side by side with the technologically most contemporary ceramic tile factories in this part of Europe, and have been listed among the leading producers of complete assortments of ceramic tiles, offering tiles for various purposes:
•pressed floor and wall tiles for interior lining
•tiles for interior and outdoor lining
•decorations  and edgings as final detail

Investing not only in technology and production growth, but also in modernizing the tile design that Keramika Modus offers on the market has fulfilled the last but key customer expectation – tile quality and aesthetic impact.