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41zero42 is a young project open to the future; an Italian team of professionals that focuses on the concept of beauty based on the excellence of performances, bearing in mind an even balance between research, innovation, trends and market demands.
The enterprise is directed by a team of young managers who work internationally to face new challenges and potentials.
The ideas and the approach are free from past logics that have conditioned the ceramic tile.
The world of ceramic tiles has evolved and changed over recent years. Research and technology have renewed tiles, which in the past were ignored by designers and were considered just an economic alternative to more noble products, but which are now considered a primary option in many cases, to be taken into consideration among the offers of wood, stone and mortar and other floor and tile products.
The merging of technology, appearance, performance, practical use, research, innovation and “made in Italy” is the mission of 41zero42.
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