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Brand promotion at outlets

As a search portal for tile businesses, connects the brands to the sales outlets in the Netherlands. This is certainly a unique approach in the Dutch tile industry. You are given the opportunity to name fty sales outlets where your banner will be placed. In this way not only are you supporting the sales channels but also reaching the consumer using the style and mood that suits your brand and the various products ranges.

How it works

Join in the possibilities that can offer you in the Dutch market. For a small fee we create, place and maintain your banner. All you need to do is indicate at which sales outlets on the site your banner will be placed.

The process is very straight forward:
• Contact (
• Discuss the possibilities and costs Select 50 sales outlets in the
• Inform us of the chosen outlets (through your agent)
• Inform us of your current corporate identity (through your agent)
• will create a stylish, static banner
• Upon approval the banner will be placed
• You can now directly access the result using

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