Carriere de Luget
1 Chemin du Desert 
  86 USSON DU POITOU,  FRANKRIJK 0033 671897470 0033 

CARRIERE DE LUGET, French quarry owner and producer of ornamental stones, was founded by Mr. Raymond IRIBARREN in 1991.

By starting this activity, Mr. Raymond IRIBARREN added to his existing portfolio (aggregates, concrete, soil additives) a fascinating and exciting new challenge.

Learning from his fatherís experience about quarry management, Mr. Bertrand IRIBARREN operated proficiently the Luget quarry, made investments to optimize and further develop quarry extraction as well as factory production capacity.

Today CARRIERE DE LUGET operates Limeyrat, Luget and Saint MÍme limestone quarries. By proposing a wide range of colors (from gray, taupe, brown, gold, light beige) from our quarries and several textures available we offer to our valuable customers multiple kinds of combinations, atmospheres for interior or exterior projects. Through the years, we took pride in supplying Luget & Limeyrat for preeminent high-end residential or urban design.

Welcome to the Luget experience.


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