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Designed for wellbeing: Spa collections by Systempool

Using water for therapeutic purposes is well-known. Both doctors and specialists recommend its use to counteract anxiety and insomnia. Hydro-massages also aid arterial circulation and heart activity, as well as providing our organism with many other benefits. 

Systempool has a wide range of spas created to help the user to disconnect from stress that builds up through an excess of responsibilities or worries. There is nothing more comforting than a bath in a spa to escape your routine and relieve physical and mental weariness.

However, the concept of wellbeing is as wide and diverse as the needs and tastes of each user. For this reason, the company which specializes in bathroom features at PORCELANOSA Group has proposals which combine both design and quality to the most advanced technical benefits. 

In terms of design, Systempool spas can be personalized: the interior shell can be different coloured acrylic or granite and the exterior finish of the panel can be made of icoco wood, also available in different colours. There are also built-in versions to achieve a more integrated effect.

It is undoubtedly the hydro-massage feature included in these “bathtubs” that makes a difference: air jets or water jets with programmes that invite you to relax. Moreover, most Systempool spas have Sytek technology which incorporates different hydro-massage programmes, chromotherapy, radio and MP3 player, etc. A world of sensations at the service of wellbeing. 

And to ensure size is no problem, Systempool has developed a wide range of spas from designs for one or two people to baths for groups of up to six, in square, rectangular and circular formats which allow them to adapt to both indoor and outdoor spaces.
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