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Iris Ceramica - MA.DE

The full name is MAterials and DEsign, i.e. material used to design a project with the utmostfreedom, whose straight edges make it possible to work on vertical surfaces, thus extending the use of this material to walls as well.


Product quality and aesthetic appeal; three-dimensionality, because the tiles are not only processed on a superficial level - they are also sculpted; sensuality, because they invite the onlooker to touch them; tactility, because of their special sensorial quality (try walking on them with bare feet).




These tiles are alive and reflect light, creating chiaroscuro effects within a room and making it a dynamic,welcoming ambient. These tiles are as easy as ABC under every aspect - they are even easy to clean. MA.DE, in 60x60 format and straight-edged submutliples, produces a perfect contained joint, yet another installation plus for ceramic tile aficionados.




Thanks to the versatility of the material used floor tiles can also be used as wall tiles, in outdoor ambients and for swimming pools. Quality, sensuality, three-dimensionality, tactility, reflection of light, simplicity ....... just some of the many wonderful qualities to be found in the new MA.DE. collection.